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Feb 15, 2012 07:17 AM

Thanks for the Moustache recommendation, JTalbot

Had a wonderful luncheon today. Salad with Squid and shrimp nicely sauced, Meats (Beef Fillet and Lamb chops done to perfection. Pear Helen with taste of a honey ice cream was a nice taste. Good Bread. Pleasant attentive and friendly service. Easy access from Vavin metro. Certainly worth another visit. (

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  1. I will happily resend it to John who unfortunately has deserted CH.
    And why don't you put Moustache in the post title, or somewhere in the post, so that other hounds who actually use the search function, - ok, they probably don't exist, - may find it.

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      Thanks Parigi and Jake..we ate early at 12:30 and were the 2nd table seated. By 1:30 they were busy and filling up the back area beyond the zinc. Many of the locals were having the L'express luncheon salad that looked attractive.

    2. We too enjoyed Moustache in September at JT's rec, but were a bit worried that it was very unpopulated at lunch. -- Jake

      1. We ate here on a Saturday evening about a month ago and it was outstanding - we loved the ambience and the servers and the informality but most of all the food. Simple ingredients but with exquisitely blended flavours. I will not hesitate to go again next time we're back in Paris. We had a reservation, which was essential - the night we went there happened to be a private party in half the restaurant and we saw some people without being turned away. An outstanding hidden gem.

        1. John T is now merrily active on the "Paris By Mouth" website and does not show signs of missing us. :-(