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Feb 15, 2012 07:06 AM

Indian/Ethiopian/other near Dupont Circle

A friend and I are visiting DC with our pre-teen sons. We're staying at Hotel Palomar near Dupont Circle, and are looking for good, not super-pricey places to eat dinner and maybe breakfast (breakfast needs to be quick and cheap). The boys, who like interesting food, have expressed interest in Indian and African (Ethiopian or other), but we are open to all (except for places that are mainly seafood). I've searched this board a little and have seen recommendations for Bistro du Coin, which sounds nice. Thanks.

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  1. There is a Heritage India in Dupont Circle. I have only been to their Georgetown location, which I liked 3rd best for Indian in DC (Rasika and Masala Art being #1 and #2). I'm sure their Dupont location is similar. HI also does carry-out, if that is of interest. If Rasika or Masala Art are of interest, they are both easy Metro trips on the red line from Dupont Circle. MA in particular, is only a few steps from the Tenleytown Metro stop.

    For Ethiopian, I suggest a quick taxi ride to Etete, at 9th and U.

    For breakfast, I highly recommend Bethesda Bagel on CT Ave (which unfortunately lacks seating).

    1. Etete (my favorite Ethiopian restaurant) is just a short cab ride away from where you will be staying. It's delicious and worth the trip to U Street.

      If instead you want to try Indian there are 2 very good choices in Dupont Circle. Dalchinini is my new go to Indian spot but I've only had delivery (I live in Dupont) so I don't know what the dining in experience is like.

      Heritage India is also very good. They have a regular Indian menu and then a separate menu with Indian street food, which is kind of fun.

      Bistro du Coin would be good if you are interested in french bistro food in a loud, boisterous environment. If your group likes seafood I would recommend Hank's Oyster Bar (also in Dupont). Great fish specials, oysters, lobster rolls etc.

      As for breakfast, Bethesda Bagel is walking distance to your hotel. They only have a few small stools in their storefront shop, but it's good for a quick breakfast. Also at the end of your street on both ends are 2 good options: Le Pain Quidion (sp?) is good for a latte and croissant. They also have some hardier breakfast options. On the other end of P Street is Soho Coffeeshop. I love their breakfast burrito (note: it's cash only).

      Have fun!

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        I've only been to dalchinni once but we enjoyed it. The service was excellent.
        Ditto what others said on etete, bethesda bagels, &passage to india and rasika and panas

      2. Right on P St, there is a tiny counter service place called Panas Empanadas which serves a wide selection of mini-empanadas. Very interesting stuff, the best are the Tamal and Brie Art.

        Teaism (also counter service) on R st is good for Japanese Bento boxes.

        At Bistro du Coin I highly recommend the smoked mackerel salad and the tartiflette.

        Don't expect really good Indian in that area. No Ethiopian with out a cab ride. The best is a metro ride away, but worth the effort. Top choice is Passage to India in Bethesda or Etete Ethiopian) in DC.

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          Thanks, everyone. I will report back. We're arriving tomorrow, staying until Saturday. Any other suggestions welcome, of course.

        2. Not ethnic, but if I were traveling with kids I know I'd go to the Dupont Circle Pizza Paradiso, and also BGR.