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Feb 15, 2012 07:05 AM

ISO Crepe dishes!

I'm wondering if anyone remembers, 'Apple Annies' that was located in the lower level of the Eaton Centre, many years ago?

They served a great crepe dish, made with chicken, asparagus, cheese and a white sauce. Is there anything that's even close to it, in the GTA? It was incredible!

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  1. There are two different crepes-only restaurants in Toronto. I imagine one of them will have something you're looking for:

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        I went to Crepe Cafe at Queen and John last weekend because my son was craving a nutella crepe. I wanted a savoury crepe like the ones at Le Papillon but the offerings on the menu were unappealing, mostly omelette-like combinations: ham and cheese, spinach and feta, etc. Anyway, the overwhelming smell of the sweet crepes killed my appetite completely. Just breathing it in left me feeling sick like I'd completely stuffed my face. Even my son couldn't finish his although he did like it.

      2. Not sure but have a look here.

        A new crepe place just opened on Church and Maitland called Crepe Masters Cafe, though I haven't tried yet...

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          a new place on Queen W just opened with savoury meal crepes...Chococrepe

          further west, Yellow Cup Cafe on Dundas/427 area have huge really good savoury crepes too

        2. Thank you all for the replies. I think that I'll definitely be spending a few weekends, checking out the local crepe shops. :)

          1. Make sure the sweet crepes are made from buckwheat. flour.