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Feb 15, 2012 06:36 AM

Restricted diet - something within 10-15mins walk of the OSM

Following a spate of ulcerative colitis, I'm on a restricted diet (basically zero fibre, so no greens, skins, seeds or wholegrains). No restrictions on meat/fish etc. Looking for something reasonable within 10-15 minutes walk of the OSM to have an early dinner before a concert at 8pm. Nothing too heavy or greasy.


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  1. You can have a light Japanese meal at Furusato - 2137 Bleury. It's very small so I suggest making a reservation.

    1. Soup somewhere in china town? Ask them to skip the veggies. I suspect dimsum might also be ok. kpzoo's suggestion is also good.

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        Good idea - though I'd rather avoid having to ask for ingredients being skipped ... as I really want to eat them but am being good in sticking to the diet for now! Maybe something Italian (not pizza) also would work - but can't think of anything in the area. Booze and caffeine are also verboten for now, too. The hardest part of the diet is avoiding onions!


      2. The tartar or charcuterie plate at Brasserie T!

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          That's a great idea ... only problem there's only tables at 4pm and 9:45pm :( But next time, for sure!

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            Ask for seats at the bar, or you could also try F Bar (which is in fact closer to L'addresse symphonique) and who also serve tartar and charcuterie. Good luck.

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              F-Bar looks interesting! Anyone have any reviews? Of course, I've left this too late so there is no space, even at the bar, according to the reservation system.

              Next time, though!

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                Ate at F bar last week. Excellent service. Better than Okay food. lack of fibre specialty might be the portugese cod pot. Very tasty. Mind the Tanin-ny portugese red wines... not too good for your colitis.

        2. 2 other choices (maybe a bit less in quality then T and F )

          There a restaurant inside the Place des Arts (Seingalt) with tartare and other "classic" meats.
          And the bistro Balmoral just accross from the Place des Arts

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            T and F always get booked up, tables sit empty for hours because booked up if that makes sense. If I recall Seingalt has early and I think late options to accomodate people who have tickets at PDA. There is also a resto in theatre du nouveau monde although i havent checked it out recently.

            1. re: mangoannie

              Yep, forgot that one, the "Café du Nouveau Monde"

          2. i'd recommend to go into chinatown. A bit of a walk but to have low fiber and other things that can irritate its hard. Actually you can go for vietnamese on st cats near metropolis. I forget the name but a pho soup could work for you.

            My gf has UC and its not always easy during flareups.

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              Thanks for all the suggestions. Went to a Portuguese tapas place (who's name escapes me) on St Laurent near Milton. Worked out well as there were enough different things I could pick that were low fibre (bacalhau fritters, steak, octopus etc.) and the meal was light enough that it didn't sit too heavily during the concert. The molten chocolate dessert was delicious as was the Natas de Ceu.