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Feb 15, 2012 06:35 AM

Wine Storing in a cabinet a bad idea?

So I just started a stocking up wines as Ive found a great site for deeply discounted wines. I purchased a nice cabinet ( not originally meant for wine) to store these wines. It holds about 120 bottles. I dont plan on aging the wines as i plan on drinking most of them in the relatively near future (about 2-3 yrs). Also being that this is alot of wine they will inevitably age. Is this a bad idea? We dont keep our house too warm around 65 deg so I figure they should be fine. ANY IDEAS???

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  1. If the temperature doesn't vary too much from 65 deg should be ok.
    I use a mini fridge in the garage set to 60 using a separate temperature controller.
    Only holds about 20 bottles though.

    1. Just make sure that the cabinet does not stand in direct sunlight. Oh and the Germans make a white wine called Kabinet - just for your situation. (that's a little joke!)

      1. It could work----BUT don't guess on temperature--get a thermometer for inside the cabinet to check a couple of things:
        (1) you don't want it to get in the upper 60's; and
        (2) you don't want temperature fluctuation. A constant temperature is almost as important as the actual degrees: 65 (out of sunlight) should be OK for the 2-3 year period you're targeting. Longer than that isn't a great idea.

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          We live in NJ so in the winter 65 (out of sunlight) is not a prb. The summer time it may get up to 70-75 in the house when we are not home (ie on vacation when we dont run the ac). Most of the time the temp will be between 60-70 but I just dont want to waste an entire cabinet (about 150 bottles) of wine. I suppose when you go to a wine store most wines are stored on the shelves and sometimes not all of them turn over within a year so I guess I should be fine right?

          Thanks for the input!

          1. re: FoodExpression

            Good wine stores keep most of their stock in temperature controlled storage. What you see on the shelves moves pretty quickly. I'm in New Jersey too, and typical summer temps in a house w/o ac would not be good for your wine.

            Not all my wine fits in the wine storage unit, so in the summer my ac is on temp control and on all the time. As well, a ceiling fan helps circulate the air. And the wine that's not in the storage unit is the everyday stock....

            If you have that much wine, you need some temperature controlled storage for it -- or somebody's very cool basement.