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Feb 15, 2012 04:34 AM

Weekend in Gainesville

I'd like recommendations for "Good" food in Gainsville. Anything ethnic would be appreciated.

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  1. I spent 8 years there though that as a long time ago, I used to like to eat here, good Spanish/Cuban food

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    1. re: redfish62

      Sorry for late reply, but can help with others who view.
      Sabore-for small dishes / tapas / unique eclectic / cuban
      Paramount Grill / Fine dining / downtown
      O' Sole Mio-reasonable-homecooked sicilian real italian at its best
      Leonardo's 706- Pasta's / Chilien sea bass
      Ichiban / on 43rd-Sushi

      We are a small down-with good eats. enjoy.

    2. I did seven years in Gainesville myself, and used to love the pan-Asian food at Chopstix Cafe:

      Dragonfly had wonderful, creative sushi:

      And Satchel's has the best pizza in town:

      1. Not ethnic, but try Paramount Grill and Mildred's Big City Food. Google them and Go Gators!