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Feb 15, 2012 01:12 AM

Going to Mardi Gras with dietary restrictions, am I screwed?

So I don't eat pork, shellfish or seafood of any kind. I'm good with chicken and beef mostly.

Where can I go to get great food that I can eat and still get a taste for Southern/Creole cuisine?

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  1. Avoid Cochon and anywhere will work.

    1. The problem is going to bet getting into places, if you don't already have reservations. You'll be able to find stuff to eat most anywhere. Do try to ask about pork though, because some dishes that don't mention pork in the description are definitely made with pork. For example, any red beans or white beans dish that isn't explicitly labelled as vegetarian will have been cooked with pork. Maybe you can give us more information about where you'll be and we can suggest specific restaurants and dishes?

      1. Try a fried green tomato po-boy. They're available at a couple of places, including Mahoney's on Magazine St.,

        You can ask for a muffaletta sandwich without meat. (They traditionally have ham, salami, capicola, and pepperoni, so plenty of pork there!) You could have one with just cheese and the delicious olive salad.

        Of course, there's always dessert. Bread pudding with rum sauce and bananas foster are New Orleans classics.

        Uptownlibrarian's right - many dishes, including green beans or greens - will be cooked with pork, so if you're not sure, just ask.

        Have a fabulous visit!

        1. Thanks guys! I'll keep all that in mind. I'm going to be staying at the Wyndham on Gravier and Magazine, so anything around there you can suggest would be good. A friend I'm going with wants to go to "The Three Muses," any good?

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            Yes, very good bar food. Feta fries sound better than they taste b/c feta does not stick to fries, it falls to the bottom. Try the daily 3-6 happy hour at Domenica: 1/2 price... well drinks, wine, beer, wood fired pizzas. They will add/remove ingredients from pizzas upon request.