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Feb 14, 2012 10:27 PM

Folsom recommendations needed

Next month a group of six friends and myself will be attending a concert at Folsom Community College and we want to go to dinner afterward. It is a Sunday afternoon concert. Price range: affordable-moderate. No Indian or Thai. Most people in the group enjoy different cuisines, only one is a picky eater. IIRC, no one is into very spicy foods. The noise level can't be too noisy, we'd like to hold a conversation comfortably. Something within a short driving distance is preferred. Also, any thoughts on the German restaurant in Old Folsom? Sorry, I can't be more specific, it has been a long time since I have dined with these friends and their tastes and dietary preferences may have changed. Thanks

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  1. On Sutter Street try Sam Hornes Tavern. excellent moderately priced food. 20 rotating taps of craft beers.

    or Bidwell Street Bistro which is amazing. Pricier, but a great dining experience.

    Then there is Sutter Street Steakhouse which is high end steaks like Ruth's Chris (Not quite that expensive though)
    And the older people love Old World, I haven't been but people, always older, rave on it.

    I don't ever go past Natoma Street so I don't know what all is up by the college outside of chains (Mimi's Olive garden, Black Angus). I know FATS is incredble. Spendy but worth it IMO...