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Feb 14, 2012 10:02 PM

Where did everyone go for Happy St. Valentines?!!?

Osteria del Teatro in South Beach did the trick for us again after many moons. Lucked into a table and the cuisine, service and ambiance were just as I remembered. We went with our old standbys for entrees: Black Ink Raviolis in a Lobster Cream Sauce + my favorite Osso Bucco with a Risotto Milanese...nIIIce!!! How about you, any standouts this year? Truthfully, I rarely go out on St Valentines Day due to gauging, poor service and mediocre menus, however Osteria is still bringing their A game after ? years. Our waiter has been there for 25 years so at least that long now. Come on I want all your gory and good details! and btw...HAPPY SAINT VALENTINE'S DAY 2 U & yours albeit an hour late!

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  1. I'll bite......dry aged ribeye steaks and South African lobster tail all in the comfort of home on our schedule. No wait at the bar, no lame service, no interruptions.

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      Thanks FDUUUUDE, That's what I'm talking about! I dunno how I suckered myself into a VDAY outing, it is so unlike me...I guess I felt bad for abandoning my Significant Other all weekend due to a friend's visit. It worked out, I have to admit, purrrfectly! I show up at one of the Top Italian Restos in SOBE without a reservation, get my pick of three 2 tops, along with stellar service and cuisine...not bad if we don't count the 2 bills I dropped! At Osteria you will pay, but chances are very good you will be glad to have done so.