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Feb 14, 2012 09:43 PM

Modernist Cuisine/Molecular Gastronemy

I want to go out this weekend and take my wife for an interesting dinner....what restaurants do you guys suggest, keeping in mind I want to try some molecular gastronemy/modernist cuisine style food....No concern for cost...and any asting menu restuarant suggestions would be great too!

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  1. Depends how you define Modernist Cuisine - if you want to focus on the "buzz words" like transglutaminase, Methocellulose F50 you will hardly find any restaurant in SD using a lot, only very rarely palces like Kitchen 1540. If you read the books and also include some of the general concepts of Modernist Cuisine like sous-vide you will find that this much easier to find and several restaurants are using it, Wine Vault, Kitchen 1540, Georges etc. - most of them also have tasting menus.

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      What can I expect to pay for tasting menus at these places...are there special off the menu tasting menus...

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        Wine Vault has on Saturdays a 5-course tasting for $30, Georges a 5-course for $65 and a 7-course for $100 (which requires to talk a few days before you go with the restaurant about the menu) and with Kitchen 1540 you can decide how many courses you want to have and what kind of key ingredients so the price can vary between $70-200

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          Is there anywhere between san diego and anaheim that would have better "moleculer gastro" restaurants...maybe in Irvine???

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            There is Anqi in Costa Mesa which has a special molecular menu (requires special booking in advanced etc) which we haven't tried but what we have seen so far looks average and not too promising. Your best bet is Saam ( restaurant with in The Bazaar restaurant in the SLS hotel in Beverly Hill) which we can very highly recommend.

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        A lot of the modern fine dining places in town are using transglutaminaes.Wine vault, georges, nine-ten, market. Seeing it in hotels too. Easy application to turn protein scrap into dollars. Chicken nuggets are made with the stuff if you are looking for something less high brow. You also see methocellulose at a few places too in the form of lobster stock sheets and similar ilk. Cotton candy spring rolls are also popping up speaking of Jose Andres.

      3. Chef Daniel Barron does molecular gastronomy in SD; see this thread:

        Unfortunately he is no longer cooking at Blue Point. He started his own venture called Evolve Cuisine:
        There is supposed to be a pop up experience for that on March 6th