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Feb 14, 2012 08:54 PM

Weekend in Atlanta

in Atlanta for the weekend. Our third visit. Been to Eugene,Niko,, Fox Bros, Aria, Varsity, Wisteria, South City, Oceonaire, MF Sushi, Iberian Pig, Daddy D'z, Ecco. What next.? Staying in Buckhead but we have a car. Open to any options. Thanks!

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  1. Nice list of spots. I would recommend JCT Kitchen, 4th & Swift, Empire State South, Community Q, Heirloom BBQ, Woodfire Grill, Ege (great sushi), Holeman & Finch, Cakes & Ale and finally Bacchanalia. All of these are in no particular order and are very good at what they do with Bacchanalia being probably the best restaurant in the city.

    Woodfire is Kevin Gillespie's spot on Cheshire Bridge.

    4th and Swift, Empire State South and JCT Kitchen are modern takes on Southern cuisine.

    Community Q and Heirloom are both very, very good BBQ. In my opinion better than Fox Bros. Community is traditional BBQ with exceptional sides while Heirloom is korean influenced BBQ.

    Holeman & Finch is a snout-to-tail style place with offal, etc. Very good but small.

    Cakes & Ale is a very good gastropub in Decatur. New location and another great spot in Decatur.

    Ege is in Roswell. I will get shot if the owner/chef finds out I posted his resto here as he wants to keep the clientele small and intimate. Unfortunately for him, he should not be so good at sushi. Very small location but very good sushi.

    Bacchanalia is the grand old lady of the city with regards to being the top of the pile. Very good, very expensive and very worth it.

    Almost forgot one. Gu's Bistro on Buford Highway for exceptional Szechuan style Chinese food. You can read about what to order on this board or or Yelp. A must if you are into spicy flavorful food. Is also better than Tasty China or Peter Chang's.

    Hope this helps. I do not envy your decisions as you have some tough choices.


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      One of the better meals I had recently was at the Chef's Counter at No. 246.
      Spend a night with Drew Belline (formerly at Floataway). Really suberb and not terribly expensive (that is if you don't go overboard with wine).

    2. if you want incredible Szechuan go to Gu's Bistro--to me by far the best chinese in Atlanta--owner chef and his wife and daughter (Yvone) its 20 minutes from Buckhead--worth the drive,really.If you go on weeknd call them for res--during week its not too bad

      1. They just had this question on the Rivals main board and I have trolled many blogs about this topic. My DH and I always stay in Buckhead and use the hotel car (as we like to imbibe for dinner) which leaves us a 2 mile radius. Bluepoint is his all time favorite restaurant on earth. Their lemon grass shrimp appetizer was so good we ordered two and he loves their duck with curry sauce. I know Bacchanalia, Canoe, Aria, Woodfire, et al are probably superior (and I want to eat at all of them), but Bluepoint has always treated us fantastically. For a good happy hour, the blood orange jalapeno margarita at Nava is AWESOME, never had its equal and Dantanna's has great appetizers. Pricci was also wonderful and I had the best gnocchi there, gnocchi I have compared all other gnocchi to since and it has all failed in comparison. In Midtown Veni Vidi Vici was outstanding and one I would go to every trip if it was in Buckhead as opposed to a 40$ cab ride from our hotel. Either way, you will have a great dinner at any of the restaurants listed in the post!

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          bamagirl30 - how did you know gnocchi makes me weak at the knees? We have been to Bluepoint and did enjoy ever so much. Thanks for the tips, gnocchi hmmmmm

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            If you believe the blogs, Bluepointe closed back in November. It isn't on Buckhead Life's website any longer, so I assume that's the case.

            Samlev's list is really good. If gnocchi are a goal, the places that come to mind in Buckhead are Antica Posta or Pricci. Sotto Sotto may not have it, but it'd be worth a trip for fabulous Italian.

            Leon's in Decatur is a more-casual take on what Holeman & Finch and Cakes & Ale are doing. It, 246, The Brick Store, and Cakes & Ale are all right there on the square. If you're really adventurous, you could take MARTA from Buckhead. We did this recently before getting our rock star on in Decatur and hitting 3 of the 4. Admittedly, it was a little frustrating b/c the train from 5 Points to Decatur had some big delays. And you still have to get back to the hotel, but a one-way cab would be less expensive if you're going to imbibe.

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              i second Pricci--their osso bucco is to die for--and its not off the chart price wise/We were there last month and had Babba Rum cake--home made--if they have it when your there get it, its incredible

        2. I think Samlev's suggestions are great.

          Bluepoint is closed, sadly.

          I would agree on Cakes and Ale and No. 246. You've been to Iberian Pig so you know the area--Cakes and Ale is just a few storefronts down, and just steps from the Marta train exit. You'd want reservations for either. No. 246 is the latest "it" restaurant so it's mobbed and very loud, but their pasta dishes are outstanding.

          I also love Tamarind Seed in Midtown, if you like Thai. It's my favorite Thai restaurant in Atlanta.