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Feb 14, 2012 07:58 PM

Indian in Gwinnett/I-85?

A while back, my folks had a friend from India who made them a few home-cooked meals. She returned home & they miss the food (and her!).

They are coming into town & I'd like to take them somewhere to get good Indian food.

Not looking for anything fancy or expensive, something simple is fine.

We're located near the I-85 Gwinnett corridor if there is anything on this side of town or Buford Hwy.

I'm thinking about taking them to Naan N Curry but I don' t know enough about the different cuisines to know if it would be close or not.

We might be able to travel out of Gwinnett depending on time. (We will be near perimeter mall one day)


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  1. I found a yelp listing for Bukharaa Indian Restaurant in Johns Creek. Would that be my best bet?

    1. One big differentiator is going to be whether what they had before was vegetarian or not. Many Indian restaurants in Atlanta are vegetarian. I'm not sure about Gwinnett. Other places that come to mind are The Viceroy near Perimeter Mall (have only been for lunch and it's been a long, long time). We tend to go to Bhojanic (E side of Emory on Clairmont) the most- they do a good mix of meaty and vegetarian dishes. The center of the Indian dining universe in ATL is probably near Scott and Church in Decatur- lots of places there. And there's also Panahar on Buford, which is Bangladeshi but very Indian influenced. Or the buzzy newcomer, Cardamom Hill, which is right off I-75 at Northside Dr.

      1. Not Gwinnet per se but in keeping with ted's suggestions, I would recommend Zyka in Decatur off Church. Quite good.

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          Unfortunately, I think I just saw on one of the blogs that Zyka closed recently. Bummer. I haven't been to Madras Saravan Bhavan or Udipi in forever.

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            Ted that was an error. The poster meant Zucca on Decatur square. Zyka is still up and running (I was there last night for dinner).

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              Cool. Also kinda hard to believe a place serving on styrofoam would go under in this economy.

        2. Naan N Curry is a very good choice, however it is Pakistani, not exactly Indian, but close. It is not vegetarian.

          Another one like that is Kabob Hut on Indian Trail - Lilburn Road. There's also an Indian place on that road that we haven't tried.

          A bit further up I-85 but right next to the exit is Little India Express Cafe, that one is non-vegetarian Indian and it is also quite good although the selection is somewhat limited.

          There is also an Udipi Cafe location on Peachtree Industrial, a very good vegetarian Indian. There are a few other Indian places nearby, but we haven't tried those.

          And last but not least, don't discount the Global Mall. On the first floor you got Ashiana which is a buffet style place, and on the second floor you have a food court with several stalls to choose from, one of them specializing in chaat, another in dosas, a curry place, an indo-chinese place, and a bakery. As unfancy as it gets, but the food there is the real thing.

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            we love Indian,esp Tandoori--found the new Haveli on Holcombridge Rd just past Barnwell is excellent--they serve a full tandoori chicken,rather than the usual half

          2. THANKS everyone. We ended up being short on time so went to Naan N Curry. We enjoyed the food and they liked the friendly atmosphere.

            There are so many good suggestions on this thread that I hope to be able to try a bunch and learn more about the variations on food from this region.

            Thank you to all who responded and I really appreciate the reasons "why" you like one place over another. (Sorry it took so long to get back.)