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Feb 14, 2012 07:35 PM

HELP! Need a rehearsal dinner suggestion!

Hi to all the New Orleans chowhounders out there! I need your help!

I'm getting married in New Orleans in early November and need a good suggestion for a rehearsal dinner spot Friday evening before our Saturday wedding. Our guests will be staying in and around the quarter so the thought was to stay close to the area unless there's a knock your socks off kind of place else where. We are expecting around 60 dinner guests and are trying to keep the cost more middle of the road - nothing too expensive. Festive and fun with a solid NOLA feel and flavor. Most of our guests will be coming in from Texas - where everything might be bigger, just not better than N.O. and I want to reinforce that :) (I'm the one with the Louisiana roots.) Perhaps a balcony or something with a decent view would be a nice touch for the out of towners?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks so much!

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    1. I second Muriel's.

      Muriel's @ 801 Chartres St., New Orleans, LA. 504 - 568 - 1885. * SUNDAY BRUNCH.

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      1. re: Littleman

        I was under the impression m's had a $4k minimum? Seems a lot to start with to only go up from there. I've personally never been even being from the area, but if it's worth the ticket price I'm all for suggesting it to my fiancé.

      2. If you find something, let us know. Be aware, most everything in the quarter is expensive. Also, its never too early to book. We are expensive, and popular. I would do so some homework and try to figure out just what your price point is. 60 is a big group as well. Off hand, the Napolean House is probably somewhat less expensive than other locales. Perhaps Cafe Amelie, although others have reported difficulties dealing with them. This gets covered pretty often, do a search and you should get some other suggestions. Also, you might consider some Bywater venues, should be more affordable.

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        1. Napoleon House and Tujague's. Both have solid NOLA feel. Cost would be middle of the road. And both offer balconies.

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          1. re: BayouTeche

            I've passed on these suggestions. Thank you!

          2. If Tujague's can handle 60, that's a great suggestion. Might be the second oldest establishment in the Quarter. I was thinking K-Pauls might fit the bill. Balcony, one large room, and likely within most people's budgets. That's my pick, if anyone is still listening.

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            1. re: CharlieH

              I'll check out K-Pauls. My brother has had hit and miss experiences there. Last one was a miss.