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Oct 24, 2000 07:29 PM

Need a cheap hotel in/near San Diego

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Hi all - thanks for reading! I am looking for a cheap place to stay in San Diego from Nov. 23rd to Nov. 28th - I have surfed the internet and found some decent prices - but I was hoping that someone from your message board might have some interesting ideas for me. I truly appreciate any replies. The reason for my trip is that I really want to take a look at the area because I am considering it as my next home - but a move from Boston to San Diego may be a bit dramatic if I have never visited!!! THANKS ALL!! Also - please feel free to email me at

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  1. The place is in downtown and has cooking facilities in the room. When I last stayed there (say three years ago) it was a bit threadbare. It's sort of European/artsie with Italian restaurants on the block. The following is from a sales blurb:

    Located in the 'Little Italy' area of downtown San Diego, this European style budget hotel offers modern guest rooms at affordable prices. Underground parking available.
    Address: 1700 India Street
    San Diego, CA 92101
    Telephone: 619-236-8000
    Toll-Free: 800-232-4683
    Fax: 619-236-8088
    Rooms: 80
    Floors: 4
    Rate Range: From $49 to $79 per night *
    Note: They may have a weekly rate.

    1. Hi, Amanda - Try Scripps Inn in La Jolla (858/454-3391): right on the water, a 7-iron away from Seal Rock and the price is right. From here, you can easily attack the entire San Diego area during the day/evening, but let the ocean roar you to sleep at night.