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Feb 14, 2012 07:09 PM

Global Cheese Kensington Market.

Have they closed the shop? I passed by today & the windows were papered and the interior was being gutted. Does anyone know what's going on?

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  1. There's a letter taped up saying they are renovating and will be closed for a few weeks.

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    1. re: num nums

      I thought I read a sign in their window stating that they would be moving to the shop beside them during renovations.

      1. The smaller cheese shop beside them is actually the same company, just a different name. If you go in to either enough you will notice that they have a door in the back room that allows them to walk back and forth. Great cheese selection and prices in both! I love Maria in the smaller shop. She is very personable and gets to know your tastes.

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        1. re: cinderelladressmaker

          i asked the guy in there this weekend and he said they are not the same owners (the other place was called mendel's creamery), but he said the other guy left so global is in there now while they renovate. i notice one or two of the former staff of mendel's still there though.

          i stopped going to global because i sometimes got non-fresh tasting cheese 9agreed with many comments here). however, when i moved to mendel's, i was happy because prices were really cheap and the cheese i purchased was always fresh. the staff were also very friendly and unpretentious (one of them always calls you "my friend," like "what can i do for you, my friend?" "will that be all, my friend?".. she is now at global, i noticed). zero intimidation factor in there as you bought your cheese. i am sad they are gone. i never understood why they got so little business compared to global (probably because of the smaller shop and less selection, perhaps?)

          1. re: helenhelen

            Hi Helen, they are the same company. I was there a week ago and saw Maria (the one who always says "my friend'. They just want you to think that they are different owners. Why if they are different owners would a majority of the staff now be at Mendel's? That doesn't make sense, unless Global sold the building (like Euronpean Meats did) and just moved most of there staff next door to Mendel's?

            1. re: cinderelladressmaker

              yeah, i noticed the mendel's staff are still there and global staff have moved over during renos.. i figured maybe mendel's staff were transferred over so they could keep their jobs. i asked the older man that usually is over at global about the situation and that is what he told me (mentioned above). maybe maria is the one to ask.

              1. re: helenhelen

                You might also ask if a clinically dead sense of smell is a job requirement at Global.

        2. Stopped going to that malodorous pit years ago--happily.

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          1. re: Kagemusha

            So you are suggesting that a good cheese shop shouldn't smell of cheese?

            I don't get it.

            While at times I would comment that their 'specials' are anything but old cheeses they failed to sell, often past their prime - more often than not they have a fantastic selection often at good prices (if you know what to get) and very helpful staff.

            1. re: Sadistick

              "a good cheese shop" doesn't sell what rightfully belongs in a dumpster. Ripped off too many times there--not an uncommon experience. Just too many other places to buy cheese around the GTA to bother with those crooks.

              1. re: Kagemusha

                I agree, I live in kensington market and stopped going there. They often sell old cheese past there prime. It became to often so I have started going to cheese magic to get my cheeses in kensington market.

                1. re: Jakis

                  Same here. How can I trust Global when they have, on more than one occasion, recommended a "special" to me that turned out to be bad? Cheese Magic doesn't pull crap like that, they are honest people.

                  1. re: crawfish

                    Anytime I go there & they recommend a special, I ask for a taste and make my decision based upon that.

                    1. re: terrycar

                      The old ploys were to play three card monte with your choice behind the counter and/or sell you at least half again what you asked for--the result was often a big hunk of crappy cheese smelling up your 'fridge. Everyone by their second or third visit got wise to the "specials."

                      1. re: Kagemusha

                        Yes I remember getting more than I bargained for the first couple of times But I called them out on it and after that they'd always give me just what I wanted. You do make a good point about the cheese smelling up the fridge, though I thought that was my fault for not eating it quickly enough. Which leads me to think that I should ask them what's the expiry date from now on.

                        1. re: terrycar

                          It's a common practice there and most know about it, like the crappy Alex location in the Beach. Get to know your mongers and you'll never go wrong. My fav's are the guys in the SLM Alex...always the best service and quality.

                          1. re: eppicurious

                            I stopped going to Global because if you ask for a pound, you'll get two, every time.
                            Alex's on Bayview always gives me what I ask for, although they like to push the expensive stuff. There's no prices on any of the cheeses in the cases.

                  1. re: Splendid Wine Snob

                    The fist day at a new job, about 30 years ago, I was asked by the boss to go to Kensington with him. Into the Global Cheese store we went where he got about 3 samples which I notice he did not eat. Then to a bread store near by where he bought a Kaiser and put the cheese in it and had his lunch. That tipped me off to what kind of spender he was.

            2. Went back to Global for the first time in a couple of years this week and was disappointed. Bought the stilton on sale and was overpowered by the ammonia smell and taste coming from the surface. I was able to salvage the center for soup. My fault for not checking. Gonna try Cheese Magic next time. Love the selection and service at SLM, but I live in the west end and don't get there as often as I would like. I will try Global again when the renovations are done.

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              1. re: glassonion

                I'm fascinated to learn that, though ownership may have changed (probably more than once), Global Cheese's retail practices haven't changed an iota since I stopped shopping there more than 30 years ago. You needed to keep your wits about you in that place even back then, as well as arriving with a brace of litigation lawyers. Ask for a pound and they'd cut you a pound and a half or more. The only way to halt that was to insist on "no more than a pound!", and refuse to accept even an ounce more than that. Their so-called specials were invariably past their prime, and overpriced at that. I eventually got tired of all their twists and turns - there was even a newspaper expose of the place back then - and I moved on to a more reputable cheesemonger. Though the place sure was, in its own bizarre way, quite entertaining.

              2. I went to Global as a student -- used it to acquire cheeses that were remaindered. This was 1963, remaindered cheeses were 25 cents a pound.

                I have not been back since 1965.

                Just commenting..