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Feb 14, 2012 06:15 PM

Kosher in Tribeca/Financial District

I just started working in Tribeca, and I'm wondering what my options are for lunch/inexpensive dinner in the Tribeca/Financial District area? I heard there is a new sushi place, what else can I find there? Any bagel/cafe/pizza type places? Thanks!

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  1. Welcome to downtown, hope you don't starve. First, let me just say Tribeca and the Financial District are somewhat far apart and you probably won't go from one to the other for lunch midday.

    Assuming you actually meant Tribeca your options are fairly limited. There is the cafe at 92Y Tribeca, but the hashgacha is not universally accepted so you should check if it works for you first. The sushi place you've heard of is called Sushein and is on Broadway and Worth. You can find reviews of it by searching this forum. There is also a falafel place on Ann St, but that's too far for lunch. Finally there is a veggie Chinese place in Chinatown, but again it's far for lunch and the hashgacha is not universally accepted.

    Oh and if you work late, you better expect to order from midtown. Sushein is the only place open past 8.

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      I work in Tribeca. I agree with the suggestions above but would add: 1) Pita Express is usually a great lunch delivery option - prices are relatively reasonable, food is consistently good and delivery is reliable and 2) depending on your proximity to the #1 train (Franklin St station, Cravings is definitely another option. Hop on at Franklin, take it two quick stops to Rector St and Cravings is across the street from the train station. I can generally do a round trip in 30 minutes and the food is still hot when I get back to my desk. If the train ride seems daunting, Cravings is also a brisk 10 minute walk from Tribeca.

      Also, from what I understand, Jezebel (pricey/fine-dining kosher meat restaurant) will be opening for lunch in the fall (they are currently only open for dinner). Although technically in Soho, Jezebel straddles the northern border of Tribeca and is easily accessible from most Tribeca locations.

      1. I'd recommend Sushein too. The food is really good. And its kosher