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Feb 14, 2012 06:06 PM

Best regional food in Columbus, GA

My wife and I will be at Ft. Benning in early April. We (and a very hungry basic training grad) are looking forward to trying the regional foods, especially BBQ and Southern/soul food in the Columbus/Phenix City area. Any suggestions? Also, does anyone know of any restaurants in that area that serve Country Captain? Thanks.

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    1. Sometimes I'll take the western route to/from Albany-Atlanta. I always try to time a stop at Country's Barbeque just off I-185.
      Unfortunetely, if you google it, it appears someone has hacked their web site and all sorts of malware tries it's best to get into your computer....
      It's a real shame that folks get their fun from that...
      Good consistent BBQ every time I've stopped there.

      1. Lot of good barbeque in Columbus. In addition to Country's you might also want to try Macon Road Barbeque. Rose Hill Seafood is a Columbus landmark.

        If you get tired of BBQ and catfish there is a good Thai place, Old Siam, and a good Vietnamese place Pho Vy.