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Feb 14, 2012 05:25 PM

Bartolotta or B&B? Spanish/Tapas?

We have 4 nights in Vegas. We are foodies but have actually never been to Vegas before (I know, unbelievable!). Already doing L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon one night, and have tried to get a reservation at e for one of the other nights and are waiting to hear on that one (with fingers crossed!) Taking into account atmosphere and food, which would you recommend between Bartolotta and B&B? If e falls through any other Spanish/Tapas recommendations? We are very excited and leaving in 2 days so any help would be greatly appreciated!!

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  1. For tapas, I really like Firefly on Paradise, off the strip

    1. There really is no comparison between B&B and Bartolotta. Also note that I am very jaded towards B&B in that I am from the NYC metro area so I continually compare it to its big brother Babbo (Think big brother who is captain of the hockey team and his freshman brother, who people give more credit to because of his name but can't really capture the imagination of others because his skills are nowhere near his brothers). Not to mention that the numerous times I have gone there I continue to be disappointed. The one thing that B&B has going for it is that it is much cheaper than Bartolotta. But if you can stomach the cost go to Bartolotta. Here is an article in La Cucina magazine ( that everybody should read.

      Many people criticize Bartolotta for all the wrong reasons. If you are looking for highly sauced, spiced dishes then you will undoubtedly find fault in their preparations. If you bemoan the high price of their food you are oblivious of the quality and origin of the ingredients, all of which is nothing less than spectacular. I agree that it is very hard to swallow the price of a single langoustine when it is $30and other places charge $30 for a huge entree containing langoustines. But I would HIGHLY doubt that any place in Las Vegas, let alone most of the US (most not all) gets theirs as freash and from the same waters. Again, read the article above and you decide.

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        100% agree with LVI. There is no comparison.

      2. When you say B&B who are you talking about? I know about the Bar+Bistro in the Arts Factory on Charleston, and Chef Beni is making great strides.

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        1. We ate at Bartolotta last time we were in Vegas and I LOVED it. It was the best pasta I've ever had. It wasn't cheap, but it was incredibly delicious and I would definitely recommend it.

          For Spanish/Tapas we ate at Julian Serrano and really enjoyed it. On our upcoming trip (leaving Friday, can't wait!) we're going to try Jaleo so next week I'll be able to compare, although it'll be too late for you.

          Whoops, I see that it's already too late. Where did you end up going?