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Feb 14, 2012 05:13 PM

Souvlaki Palace, Commack

Husband works nearby and FINALLY took my advice to try it, based upon a long ago Newsday review when it opened. He had a gyro without pita, and a Greek salad. He said it was really excellent, the place was packed with folks dining at tables and busy at the counter. Also said they told him they make their own gyros in house.

He felt like he'd had a really good sized lunch for $8.75... would have been even less if he'd just had a gyro with the bread.

52 Commack Rd, close to Jericho, on the west side of Commack Rd.

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  1. chicken souvlaki pita wrapped sandwich is tasty chicken and very filling. lunch special #4 I think, (or is it #5?) comes with a salad on the same plate as your choice of souvlaki or gyro in a pita wrapped sandwich. the salad dressing is an interesting concoction of herbs (a LOT of herbs) and oil and vinegar. tzatziki sauce is the run-of-the-mill type, nothing special. and if you are lucky it will be fresh, not stale and stretched out with mayo (!!??).

    alas, they will not substitute the massive amounts of lettuce for a few fries IN the pita, even if you ask them to charge you for the difference. they will serve the pita wrapped souvlaki sandwich without all that cold wet lettuce though...

    prices are what they should be; moderate.

    this place gets busy at lunch and seems to have a cult following among its regulars.