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Oct 17, 2000 12:23 AM

Two suggestions on 14 north of Lancaster

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In Rosamond about 5 miles west of Highway 14 (4417 Rosamond Blvd)is Villa Basque Restaurant. 805/256 4182. The ususal Basque, plus super french fries.

Near Ridgecrest say three miles south on the intersection with Highway 395 is the Indian Wells Brewing Company. It's on the west side of the highway in a steak house whose name includes the words "Indian Wells." Good steak and great beer.

I made the trip on Highway 14 to visit the once-a-year
"Gem-o-rama," in Trona. Trona is about 20 miles west of the Indian Wells Brewing Company. If you have any interest in minerals or in playing in the mud check out this show. The folks in Trona are wonderful hosts: http//wwwi/

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    Randy Dewees

    Hmmm, Just 1/4 mile south of the Lodge is the Homestead which is locally considered better than the Lodge - for food at least. My experience is that it's ranges from good to almost very good. Down in Ridgecrest it's a sorry state. I've heard well of a place called Doc's that's only open for dinner on Thursday/Friday/Sat night.

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      Randy Dewees

      This is to clear up my earlier reply. The Lodge is what we locals call the Indian Wells Lodge which I guess is now called the Indian Wells Brewing Company.