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Feb 14, 2012 04:25 PM

Lighter kreplach

I would like to make kreplach to put into my chicken soup (I have never made them before). Anyone have a recipe for a lighter version (less ground beef, perhaps)? I already bought the won ton wrappers. Thanks!

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    1. re: ferret

      That loses the kabbalistic symbolism of meat covered by dough, but it sounds delicious :-) I don't like kreplach, and only have one symbolic krepple on each of the three traditional occasions (and if I miss out, it doesn't disturb my yomtov...) but these I'd probably eat.

      1. re: zsero

        You can still use meat, just not as much. Replace part of the filling with the mushroom mixture.

    2. Yeah, mushrooms would be good. In addition to the duxelles recipe, you could saute them with thyme, ground black pepper, and a splash of soy sauce (preferably tamari for more taste without getting too salty).

      1. I have done them with tofu sauteed with diced onions and mushrooms or use a mixture of ground beef/turkey or other ground meat-

        1. Just use lean beef. Don't substitute with ground's not any healthier (and it's often fattier).
          Kreplach doesn't use a lot of stuffing anyway.
          Make it the traditional way (maybe with leaner beef) and enjoy it as a treat. Sometimes we get too hung up on 'lightening' traditional foods.
          Just my opinion, of course. Many will disagree.

          1. I always use ground turkey (mixed w/ grated onion, breadcrumbs, egg & spices). I find ground beef overpowers the flavor of chicken soup.
            A TIP: Use raw meat for your filling, rather than browning it first. That way it doesn't tear your wrappers, and you have one less pan to wash.
            Good luck!