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Oct 16, 2000 11:09 PM

Where to eat in San Luis Obispo

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I'll be in SLO this coming weekend, how about suggestions for lunch/dinner places. You can omit the BBQ places, but all others would be appreciated.

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  1. there's all sorts of good info down there.

    1. Sorry I just found this board so my answer may be a bit late for you. Maybe on your next trip.

      In SLO one of my all around favorites is Big Sky. They have a very eclectic menu. One of the few restaurants that does breakfast, lunch & dinner and does them all very well. Also has a number of vegetarian dishes. It's casual with a sort of "Sante Fe" decor. Very reasonable.

      Also, Buona Tavola esp for dinner on the outside patio. Very romantic. Excellent Italian food.

      Fish Daddy's is Mexican seafood. Small but good decor and a fun bar downstairs in the basement. Great chips & salsa while you're waiting. (Easy to fill up on) You can watch your food being cooked at the open kitchen.

      Both Mo's or McClintocks for bar-b-que.

      Bon Temp Creole for authentic cajun. They've also recently opened in Pismo Beach.

      Lots more but just wanted to mention some of my favorites. Hope that helps on your next trip.