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Feb 14, 2012 03:54 PM

Best oyster Po Boy in Uptown orGarden District, near St. Charles Streetcar?

Who has the best oyster po boy within easy walking distance from the St. Charles streetcar line, either in Uptown or the Garden District?

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  1. At Napoleon, walk south 7 blocks to Magazine for some great oysters at Casamento's. I've had a really good oyster poboy at Bozo's too but that was in Metairie and I haven't been since pre-K.

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      Bozos is still in my top 2 along with Casamentos.

    2. Casamento's oyster loaf with a side of fries and an Abita Amber. Get some raw to enjoy beforehand, too.

      1. Watch your timing.

        Casamento's closes between lunch and dinner. When last we strolled Magazine, we were arguing whether to have lunch at Mahoney's or Casamento's.

        Compromise! Dear wife can have a root-beer ham poboy at Mahoney's and I can have an oyster loaf at Casamento's. No hurry, right?

        We make the post-Mahoney's stroll and arrive to a closed Casamento's....they closed at 2:00...My watch read 2:03.

        I got my lunch at La Petite Grocery. Very, VERY nice...but not the experience my tastebuds had been anticipating.

        Never DID get any on the halfshell that trip!

        1. The Casamento's oyster loaf is not technically a po-boy, as the fried oysters are served on something more akin to Texas toast, but those oysters are phenomenal. We were just there and had those along w/some raw oysters and their excellent fries--and were blown away, as always, by how good the oysters are.
          But, yeah, the hours are not great--they close after lunch at 2 sharp and on the nights they are open (Th-Sat, I think), they close at 9. They deviate slightly during Mardi Gras weekend by adding some hours, so if you'll be here then, check.
          And cash only.
          But all worth it.