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Feb 14, 2012 02:55 PM

Five Guys vs. In-N-Out? [moved from Los Angeles board]


The scuttlebutt is true: Five Guys, the famous burger chain on the East Coast, is putting up a shop in Westwood, just a stone's throw from In-N-Out. I work at UCLA and can easily walk to both. On and I will!

My understanding is that Five Guys is the East Coast version of In-N-Out. Both have rabid local followings.

So: is there anyone here who has tried both, and which one is better. Why?

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  1. Five Guys is a bigger burger with more topping including mushrooms (but with a bun that just completly falls apart in the middle of a bite) and it runs a few dollars more than In-N-Out but my heart belong to a Double Double Animal style with extra pickles and fries well.

    1. There is also a Fatburger in Westwood. You could eat a different burger three times a week. If you throw in Barney's Beanery and The Stand you could walk to a different burger every day.

      And that's not counting Burger King in the Village or Carl's Jr on campus.

      As to your question: I prefer In and Out, because I think of it as a great value. The Five Guys burger was bigger, but more expensive. But the real reason I never go to Five Guys is because the store near my house -- Fox Hills Mall -- is always messy. For whatever reason, they never clear or wipe the tables. I've seen employees on their break just sitting around while there is no place to sit because every table is messy, smeared with condiments and peanut shells.

      Don't misunderstand, employees deserve a break, that's not the issue. But the dirty tables is an issue, at least for me. Enough that I've stopped trying to eat there. Maybe the Westwood location will be cleaner.

      (I'm not a neat freak or anything. I get that it's a fast food joint. But the messes I've seen are just icky.)

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      1. re: PaulF

        Yeah, dirty restaurants are a turn off to me too.

        1. re: PaulF

          I wonder why this is on a national board. Fatburger is NOT a national chain. Yet the powers that be on chowhound moved the discussion. No one outside of California has anything to say about Fatburger. Move this thread back to the California board. Now.

          1. re: cwdonald

            Fatburger is NOT a national chain.

            Sorry, but you are mistaken...There are locations from coast to coast, up and down the coasts and in between....If that's not national, than what is it?

            The Jersey City, NJ Fatburger closed within a couple of years of opening. It was fair at best.

            1. re: fourunder

              Fatburger has several branches in Dubai now, so it's technically also an "international" chain.

            2. re: cwdonald

              There's a Fatburger in Columbia, MD!

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                The thread is for In-n-Out vs. Five Guys. "Chains" is the appropriate forum.

            3. personally, never got the appeal of five guys burger. the bun is terrible. burger was overcooked the 2 times i went. their fries are great but i typically go to a burger place for the burgers. not the fries. i'd take in n out every day of the week. twice on sundays.

              1. I absolutely do not like the buns at Five Guys...they're too sweet and they crumble. In-N-Out is the only way to go.
                Animal style.

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                1. re: latindancer

                  Interesting that there is a consensus so far about the buns. Buns are a very important part of a burger. I don't like them too thick or bready, but certainly don't want them to disintegrate, either.

                  I'd be interested if East Coasters used to Five Guys have tried In-N-Out and how they feel about the two.

                2. "My understanding is that Five Guys is the East Coast version of In-N-Out. Both have rabid local followings."

                  Not really - different niches, entirely. The only thing they seem to share is that they have their rabid followings.