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One Special Meal in Paris

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I am headed to Paris at the end of March with my mother and sister. They are not particularly adventerous when it comes to food and they would rather spend their traveling money on shopping and touristy stuff. I am the opposite, for me the best part of traveling is eating new stuff. Can anyone recommend a place that might suit all our tastes? Moderately priced with both complicated and uncomplicated food. I am not super concerned with going to a well known place. I have considered Chateaubriand but I am worried my companions might not be happy with it. I welcome any suggestions, we will be staying near the Louvre.

Also a recommendation for sweetbreads would be great too! For when I can sneak off by myself.

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  1. Tante Louise, rue Boissy d'Anglas, has food everyone will like, is bourgeois but not too stuffy, has great sweetbread and my favorite kidney in town.

    Sweetbread at l'Atelier de Joel Robuchon are some of the best in town. Chez l'Ami Jean does them with a cocoa sauce that is a success.