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Feb 14, 2012 02:06 PM

Weekend in San Francisco

Looking for a recommendation. My last trip there my friend and I enjoyed a wonderful dinner at Perbacco. I'm looking for something I'll enjoy as much or even more! I am a vegetarian but not a picky one. My friend will eat fish. Back at home we love Osteria Mozza and AOC. The 2 restaurants I'm considering are Prospect and Zuni. I'd love to hear some other suggestions. We are staying in the Union Square area.


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  1. The place hereabouts that reminds me the most of AOC is À Côté in Oakland. I think Perbacco's probably the closest thing we have to Osteria Mozza.

    Campanile reminded me of Zuni a lot. Zuni's menu is fairly short, depending on the luck of the day maybe not a lot of interesting choices for a vegetarian.

    Incanto, despite its offal-centric reputation, is great for vegetarians.

    1. Not in the Union Square area, but I enjoy Flour + Water immensely. They have good starters, pizza, and desserts, and they have excellent pastas. Prices are reasonable. Can be a slight zoo getting a table, but they do take walk-ins.
      Also, if you and your friend like Indian - Dosa may be an interesting try. It's good South Indian food in an upscale/fun atmosphere - something that isn't available in LA. Very friendly to vegetarians. It is overpriced considering the mostly vegetarian menu (and compared to typical hole-in-the wall prices). But I still recommend it.

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        The waits at Flour+Water are nuts. If you're planning ahead and want to go there it's crazy not to make a reservation.

        Cotogna's my favorite of that general style of place.

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