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Feb 14, 2012 01:59 PM

Walking directions to tacos el gordo?

I have seen all the raves on this place and will definitely be visiting in march, however I see that its a little north of strip and I cant seem to find any walking directions.

Would probably be coming off the monorail, maybe the convention center stop? Or from harrahs stop and walk the strip up? Really just unsure if this is a doable feat, or if I should just take a cab.

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  1. El Gordo (3409 Las Vegas Boulevard South) is just a stone's throw north of the Wynn/Encore complex, and is on the corner just before Convention Center drive. Note that there is a bus stop in front on Las Vegas Boulevard (The Northbound "Deuce" drops you off right there), if you are staying on the strip. The closest Monorail stop is Convention Center, which still leaves you about 12-15 minutes at a brisk walking pace.

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      Thanks for the info, I never think about using the bus on the strip just to freemont if need be, looks like the convention center stop would be at the shopping center el gordo is in. Will save some cash and walking, since I will already be doing way too much spending and walking... Thats vegas though. Maybe ill walk back and work off some tacos or adobadas fries.

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        If you're willing to take a cab, why not the Deuce? It's $7 for a 24 hour pass.

        1. re: Eric

          I do plan on taking the deuce, I was just commenting that I didnt think of the bus line, used to staying on the strip and riding the rail from mgm so thats my normal goto.