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Feb 14, 2012 01:52 PM

Recs near Hilton at Marble Arch [London]

My husband and I will be in London next week, and will be meeting a friend who is staying at the Hilton at Marble Arch. Looking for recommendations near there for a restaurant that is (of course) delicious, fun, comfortable with good wine and cocktails, for around 75-100 dollars a person (of course, less is also good!). We are pretty open to any cuisine, but I want to keep it relatively in that neighborhood, as we will be coming from elsewhere, and I don't want our friend to have to travel too far before or after dinner. Thanks very much


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  1. If that was me, I'd be going to one of the Maroush restaurants (Lebanese) on the adjacent Edgware Road.

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      I'll second Harters' rec. An Arab colleague of mine organised my leaving do at Maroush on Edgware Road (I think it was the original branch) and we had a great time. Set menu and tons of red wine came to 55 pounds a head. The menu included dips (hummus and baba ganoush) with raw vegetables and flatbread, kibbeh, falafel and little filled pastries (cheese and meat) for starters, kebabs (chicken and lamb) and roasted lamb shanks on rice. Dessert was fruit and inexplicably tiny baklava. They have music and bellydancing on from after 9:30pm. I think there is a cover charge if you stay for that, but as far as I recall (we did drink an awful lot of red wine) it came to 55 pounds a head including everything.

    2. A few other ideas...

      The Maze Grill is also close by.