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Feb 14, 2012 01:49 PM

Lefthanders, how do you eat?

After reading a couple of threads comparing American and European eating styles, it occurred to me to inquire how my fellow lefthanders manage. When I am in the kitchen preparing the meal, the chef's knife or kitchen gadget is in my left hand, but when I sit down to the table, I hold my fork in my left hand and my knife in my right. No switcheroo for me, unlike the typical righthanded American. Do any CH lefties switch?

Ah ha! Just found that this topic is an old one. I'm going to read the old thread.

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  1. I was just going to mention that I raised the topic about six months ago and we had a LONG discussion about it. :) Opinion (and eating styles) are divided...

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    1. Knife in left, fork in right. No switching!

      1. eating, fork in left, knife in right.
        prepping food, knife in left hand.

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                    1. re: Maximilien

                      Me too. Really don't feel comfortable with a fork in my right hand.

                      1. Gee, I really had to think about this one, hahaha. Most times, I cut everything up ahead of time, except steak. And I use my left hand for cutting and then when everything is all cut up, I put my fork into my left hand and start to eat.

                        It's funny (odd), that left handed people have adapted so well, to the right handed world. Because it's really not about "handedness", more about "mirror image".


                        1. I use my left hand exclusively in the kitchen, and I do switch hands when eating (I cut the steak with my left hand, then switch the fork to my left hand to eat). My father, a fellow lefty, did the same thing.

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                          1. re: BlackSox

                            I do this as well. I've been attempting to retrain myself to eat in the European manner, as it is largely becoming de riguer and may soon become "proper," but I admit to hating it.