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Feb 14, 2012 01:20 PM

Rare in Miami Beach

I was down in Miami last week for business and was finally able to get to Rare. I was very impressed and thoroughly enjoyed my meal.

I started with the spinach and "bacon" salad. The dressing was slightly underwhelming but the salad was otherwise really good. A dash of salt picked it up a lot. The "bacon" was tasty. The spinach was fresh. And the salad was topped by a delicious and perfectly cooked sunny side up egg.

For my main course, I had the rare classic steak, which is a 12oz bone-in-ribeye along with a side of creamed spinach. The steak was perfectly prepared as was the spinach. It was served with a very nice horseradish cream sauce.

The prices are high but the ambiance and service are up to par.

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    1. The best thing that you had was the salt.
      Everything else- even if otherwise OK , was ruined. For eg- the horseradish- just describing it as creamed disturbs the soul.
      Eggs are eaten uncooked eggs only when mixed in with beet borscht. Then I don't have to look at them and have them and look back at me
      I am from Poland.

      1. This jibes with my experience. The dressing was the disappointment. A touch of salt and white wine vinegar would have made a world of difference.