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Feb 14, 2012 12:02 PM

WORD ON STREET for former Lemontree/Ye Old Tollgate Site--Mamaroneck

Just a rumor but from 2 separate people while discussing the glut of burger places in westchester have told me that Smashburger is going into that property on Boston Post Road. Seems odd only in that it's not the typical strip mall locale that they pop up in but I have seen stranger things...

On food-merit it's about the same as elevation burger IMO for those that have not been to one. I prefer 5 guys...

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  1. interesting... I heard it was going to be a car wash... Thanks for the 411

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    1. re: nancycakes

      I had heard the car wash rumor also but I don't think they were able to get zoning for it I heard that it was going to be a steak house again....

    2. I have heard that David DiBari, the chef/owner from The Cookery in Dobbs Ferry, will open his second restaurant in this space. I hope this is true!

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      1. re: elizabean

        OoooooH I like this one the best! Thanks e-bean!