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Feb 14, 2012 11:56 AM

Cincinnati - Need rec's for casual dinner downtown

Hi, I live in Hamilton, but don't know downtown Cincinnati at all. A friend will be in town this Sunday, the 19th of Feb. We need a bar/restaurant with great food. What's your opinion of Washington Platform? Please, no high-end or chili restaurants. Thanks for any recommendations.

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  1. Washington Platform is flat-out awful

    Is this a lunch or a dinner Sunday? Many/Most restaurants downtown are closed on Sunday

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      It's for dinner. Yeah, I'm finding out about the closed on Sunday thing. We have a car, so it doesn't have to be downtown. I was thinking about Newport/Covington. Any fun places with good food? We want to have a few drinks and a good meal. How about Mt. Adams, or any other surrounding areas?

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        The Sunday thing is a killer

        I would not normally recommend a chain, but for sunday dinner+casual+not high end+bar+downtown cincinnati.......I am gonna go with Palamino which is just west of Fountain Square, second floor. Sit at the bar, and order form the bar menu. The bar menu is very reasonable and the flatbread pizzas are very good. I also recommend the cream of mushroom soup if it is available, outstanding.

        My backup recommendation is quite a bit more casual: Tacqueria Mercado. You have one near you in Fairfield near Rt4 and Boymel. The one downtown is near the Library.

        Give me another day of the week and I'd have better suggestions :-)

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      1. I love Nicholson's on Walnut. It's a Scottish pub and the food is great (don't worry, they don't serve haggis). The Hoffbrau Haus in Newport is another one of my faves.

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          I'll second both of these -- both great choices for a casual meal with drinks. You can also just park over at Newport on the Levee and go to Brio or Dewey's Pizza for casualness.

        2. Not quite down town but up on Mt Adams is the Rookwood Tavern. It is in the old pottery factory. You can get a table in an old kilm or get own with a great view of N. KY. I thought the food was really good and in a cool chill atmosphere.