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Feb 14, 2012 11:31 AM

Chicago Cultural Center, etc.

I'm planning a trip to the CCC and 'the bean' for its sound/light performance on Fri. eve. I'm looking to get some vittles beforehand.

Somebody jump start my brain--what's the restaurant, probably on Mich. Ave., that has a cheap 'happy hour' like food offering in the mid afternoon? I seem to recall $5.00 apps for limited hours. I looked at The Gage and Mercat, but there is no obvious link there (but I still think it may be Mercat.)

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  1. Bodega No. 5 is Mercat's cheap and casual spot (and the one you're thinking of).

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      That's it! Thanks so much.

      It seems odd that it's not mentioned on the Mercat web page, nor does it have its own web presence.