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Feb 14, 2012 11:01 AM

DC-area source for gueuze

All -

I've had several good samples of gueuze at Brasserie Beck but haven't been able to find many if any of them at local shops such as Whole Foods or Total Wine. I want to see if anyone's run across the stuff somewhere close by in DC/NoVA (Arlington, FC)/MD (Bethesda, SS, RVille).

Thanks for any suggestions.


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  1. Try Schneider's of Capitol Hill, or Ace Beverage they may have to special order it

    1. I think I saw it at the new beer store in Bethesda, next door to Moby Dicks (not cheap of course).

      1. Check out Rick's Gourmet in Alexandria and Norms in Vienna. Would call ahead to both to make sure they have what you want though. Also Chevy Chase Liquors might have a couple and give a call to d'vines and Avenue Wine & Liquor both in DC to see if they have what you need.