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Feb 14, 2012 10:20 AM

Gravy Ramen at Kanpai Sushi - anyone tried it?

After all the talk on this board about Kanpai Sushi, I went to try it the other night. I agree: pretty solid, a bit overpriced, but a good place to have around.

That said, I noticed that they don't serve ramen until after 10 PM, which would have been fine... except that they had something on their menu called gravy ramen, which totally intrigued me.

Has anyone tried this? Is it like ramen in Curry Rice sauce? What's it like? Is it delicious? I am unbelievablyq curious.

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  1. Nobody? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller? ... Frye? Frye? Frye?

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    1. re: EricDC

      I just recall seeing someone mentioning curry udon at Sanuki Sandou in the Mitsuwa food court (next to Santouka Ramen). I have a feeling it would be a good first pass at seeing what "gravy ramen" would be like. (and your "frye" reminds me of the Japanese version we had of Peter Pan when our son was little and Peter sang "I can frye, I can frye!" ;-D> )

      1. re: EricDC

        I've only had the sushi at Kanpai, no cooked food at all. Really wouldn't think to order ramen at a sushi shop when there are so many Ramen shops around. I am all about the Curry udon at Sanuki Sandou with sukiyaki thin slices of beef.... yum.

        I have had the charred toro sorbet at kanpai!

      2. They are very expensive, but I agree that the fish is good. As an FYI, they participate in the program and you can purchase gift certificates (for a couple of bucks) that will give you up to $100 off a bill of over $200 or $50 off a bill of over $100. I literally only go to Kanpai if i have one of these certificates because it brings their prices down to a reasonable level.

        1. I was the very first customer to try it :-)
          I happened to be there the first night they put it on the menu about 2 weeks ago.
          one of the sushi chef, Kazu-san, created this ramen and was very interested in my opinion after my first bites...
          I LIKED IT alot. It is kinda like a tsukemen (noodles with heavy dipping broth) but you dont need to dip because the noodles are already inside.... it is a mainly veggie stock with some pork bone for flavor... it is not for everyone since it is kinda thick (thicker than curry i would say) but if you want something different than a regular soupy ramen then this is something you should at least try once...