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Feb 14, 2012 10:15 AM

I can NOT find this fish recipe and I am going crazy

A few years ago I made a fish recipe from a magazine I had checked out of the library, it was fairly simple, with a hunk of some sort of fish, vermouth, leeks, chicken? stock, and, I think, crushed tomatoes. I can SEE the recipe in my head, I can see the picture of it in the magazine (it was in a white bowl), but I can NOT remember which magazine it was in. A determined google search of the usual suspects (Gourmet, Bon Appetit, Fine Cooking, Food & Wine) has yielded nothing...I am aware that I probably need the NAME of the damn recipe, which included a specific fish name, which I also cannot remember). I know I am not giving much information, but I'm pretty sure the inclusion of leeks, vermouth, stock, & tomatoes might narrow it down a this ringing a bell for anyone? My husband LOVED it, it was so simple I thought, "Oh heck, I can do this without copying down the recipe" and I was...well....wrong. It isn't quite the same as it was the first time I made it, which he unfailingly points out. Can somebody help?

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  1. Can you call the library or go online to your account to see which magazine you checked out? I haven't been in a library in years, but I would think that most large city libraries (and many smaller ones) have a system to check out your "library account" online, yes?

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      Probably not. These records are not kept for privacy reasons.

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        Privacy for checking out a library book? Huh? It's not much different than buying a book from Amazon or B&N, is it?

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          Authorities have been known to ask to see library records to learn if someone has checked out a particular book. It is a public facility after all. So records are not kept of who borrowed what.

    2. Maybe this?
      Vermouth is a common swap out for dry white wine.
      Anyway, it is a great recipe that I have used frequently. It works with any white fish.

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        Thanks, guys...I kind of morphed EM23's recipe with this one: and while it isn't exactly what I was looking for, it turned out very well. The library idea was great one, but it would have been seriously complicated, since I check out every cooking magazine available, and often check them out more than once.

      2. I know this thread is a year old, but today I wanted to make the 'fish stuff' again and suddenly thought, "Image Search!" since I remember what the damn magazine photo LOOKED like, at least. And there it was. And of course it contains only a few of the ingredients I remember, since I doctored it a bit each time I made it and my ageing memory seems to have done some sort of fill-in-the-blanks thing. But here it is. And it really is pathetically easy, but the results are terrific, even if you, as I do, substitute madly and add and delete ingredients in some sort of wild kitchen frenzy.

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          Please supply the reference. It sounds wonderful.

          Never mind. You did and I can't delete my request.