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Feb 14, 2012 10:08 AM

SF Chronicle article on Bay Area butchers

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  1. Cool that a field to table whole animal butcher shop will be opening in Larkspur this summer.

    Lots more like Charlie Hallowell plans to open a shop hopefully in the East Bay. i know Local Butcher is quality but I can't get over the preciousness of it or lack of parking unless you squat in Andronico's lot.

    Who knew Avedano's had a Meat Wagon? You know that is not exactly cutting edge. There are a few trucks in Richmond that roam the nabes selling meat and fish. Haven't tried one yet. I have the name of one jotted down to see if there was anything about it.

    Will have to check out Olivier's Butchery next time I'm in Dogpatch.

    1. got some beef cheeks from Olivier's this weekend and ordered a rabbit. They were taking orders for duck and rabbit when I was there which they can custom butcher. The shop isn't very big and their selection wasn't as large as full butcher shops I'm use to in Europe and Canada, they didn't have duck fat or many cheaper cuts. My biggest issue is they close at 6pm every day. It's located in the back of the warehouse Serpentine is in and we wandered a bit looking for it.