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Feb 14, 2012 08:16 AM

Plain or Sharp Provolone?

Does anyone have an opinion on whether I should use plain provolone or sharp for this recipe?

Cavapatti al Forno - Lidia Bastianich

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  1. If you like strong cheese use the aged or even caciocavelle, a very similar product.If desire less strong l would use half mozzerella and half aged and with this you will get the advantage of good melting which the aged provolone does not give as well as good flavor and also the benefit of not using processed stuff.

    1. I agree with Delucacheesemonger. Personally, I would mix half and half so that you impart the strong flavor with a more appropriate soft, gooey texture for the dish. Maybe grate some of the harder, sharp stuff on top of the egg and then shred some mozzarella on top of that.