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Feb 14, 2012 09:07 AM

Best food in Savannah????

I'll be in Savannah for 3 nights in March. I have a reservation at Elizabeths. Any other suggestions?? I'm not interestedin Asian or Italian. It doesn't have to be the most expensive, although good food is more important than price.

Thanks in advance for your input.

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  1. The best meal I've had lately in Savannah was at Noble Fare.

    1. You did good to start with Elizabeth. I took my wife for Valentines Day and its probably the +/- 20th time we've eaten there. Love it!

      Agree with kengk on Noble Fare.

      For your third night, let me suggest Cha Bella (I know - sounds Italian, but it's not really), The Pink House, or Garibaldi's, assuming you want a third night of fine dining. If you want someplace decent, fun, more reasonably priced, and a local landmark, I would suggest Crystal Beer Parlor.

      Hope you enjoy your stay in our city.

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      1. re: Buddha49

        I like all of Buddha's suggestions also. I love Cha Bella if we get a good table and waiter.

        I sure wish a whole fried flounder from Garibaldi would magically appear in front of me right about now.

        If you go to the Pink House be sure and try the shrimp and grits starter.

        1. re: kengk

          What do you mean a good table and waiter? If it's a good restaurant, isn't everything supposed to be good? I'm just curious

          1. re: lenorel57

            Simply that the way the tables are set up there are some that I don't care for. Might not bother others. I'm a little claustrophobic.

            The last time that we were there we had a waiter that was mildly irritating. This was aggravated by the two of us being stuck between two large tables of loud (and to me obnoxious) others.

            The food has always pleased me and we have eaten there a half dozen times.

        2. re: Buddha49

          Thanks for the suggestions. Now all I have to do is check the menus. The reason i don't want Italian is that i Live in New York and there are many excellent Italian restaurants. I like to have more local food.

          This is our 3rd or 4th trip to Savannah but we haven't been there for 3 years. We've been to Garibaldis and the Pink House so maybe we'll try one of the others.

        3. If you are going to be in town on a weekday, get in line for lunch at Mrs. Wilkes Boarding House. Some of the best southern cooking available anywhere.

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          1. re: phalanxausage

            I'll be there for 3 dqys. I've eaten at Mrs Wilkes. Too much food. I'd rather save my appetite for restaurants like Elizabeths.

            Thanks anyway for the suggestion