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Feb 14, 2012 08:37 AM

Your Favorite Kosher Cookbooks

So we all know that there are some bland, mayonnaise-laden, kosher cookbooks with 40 recipes for kugel out there, and certainly a few that attempt to be trendy (yet often are 10 years behind), but what are the good ones? Anything ethnic (always a tougher sell to the kosher crowd)? Something innovative? Or even a traditional one that is done really well...

I'll get the ball rolling:
Even though it's nothing new, I think A Taste of Challah (Tamar Ansh) is done really well. I like that it focuses on just one food and that it brings in the more spiritual aspect of kashrut.

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  1. Any cookbook from an organization where the submitter puts their real name. Most people put their favorite recipes in. Preferably from a community where you know people (or the person who sells you the book knows people) and the submitter wouldn't dare put in a bogus version.

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        I like the beautiful layout of Bais Yaakov and the comprehensive halachic guides, but some of the recipes make me shudder- anything that calls for coffee rich and instant pudding mix, like their Strawberry Mango Ice Cream Roll.... I just feel like that's a heavy reliance on chemicals.

      2. The Book of Jewish Food by Claudia Roden
        (Also cookbooks by Israel Aharoni and Shmil Holland-but those are in Hebrew)

        1. It's not actually a "kosher" cookbook, technically, but I'm a huge fan of Bittman's How To Cook Everything Vegetarian, which for obvious reasons can all be done kosher. For one labeling itself as kosher, I really like California Kosher, especially for some of the salads/slows inside.

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            Oh well! If I can name vegetarian cookbooks, the original Moosewood cookbook is my go-to cookbook for everything. That's the "handwritten" 1977 edition with the yellow cover.

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              The Spice and Spirit of Kosher Cooking by Lubavitch Womens Organization. Just because it has everything!

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                I vote for Spice and Spirit because I have been consistently using its recipes for over 20 years and am never disappointed with the results. There is a huge variety, traditional plus more American,newer types of recipes, cakes and pies to meatballs. It's all there. I also learned (pre-You tube) how to braid Challah, how to roll stuffed cabbage, etc. The diagrams and instructions were very clear. I just love it. When I want to break out, I will occasionally consult Susie Fishbein. I am very unimpressed with the most recent crop of "Kosher made easy" cookbooks which are uninspired and just plain boring. And yet, people keep giving them to me as gifts. Thanks. :)

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                  Spice and Spirit has just been reissued!

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                    Didn't know Spice and Spirit was reissued. Checked Amazon and the latest one they have is 1997. Where did you find it? Thanks

          2. Jewish Cooking by Evelyn Rose, its out of print now.