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Feb 14, 2012 08:20 AM

Healthy cottage cheese in Montreal?

Anyone know where to find healthy cottage cheese in Montreal. Both Beatrice and Liberty have way too many ingredients many of which are unhealthy, the ingredients on the container are as follows:

milk ingredients, bacterial cultures, salt, citric acid,mono and diglycerides, xanthan gum, locust bean gum, carbon dioxide, guar gum, microbial enzyme

Only the first 3 ingredients are really necessary, the rest are unhealthy preservatives and unbeknownst to most people mono and diglycerides is simply hydrogenated fats, so much for healthy food.

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  1. I've found the one from Ferme Groleau tasty (but expensive!) and it says they use no additives or chemicals

    Should be available at health food stores & some cheese specialty stores. I've definitely seen it at Rachelle-Béry and Fromagerie Hamel.

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    1. re: stak

      +1, Tau carries it too. 4% fat, I don't know if they have one with less fat.

      1. re: stak

        Thanks, I hope there are others as I know the ones at health food stores are expensive, although not sure how expensive. So many fitness gurus advocated cottage cheese and not one of them seems to know that mono and diglycerides are hydrogenated fats written in a way to hide their true nature

        1. re: Kayron

          Yes, I believe it was $7.99, expensive but hey you get what you pay for.

        2. re: stak

          +2 for Ferme Groleau. They also carry it at Marché des Saveurs.
          I've never had their cottage cheese, but have enjoyed all their other dairy products. I emailed the company maybe a year ago and was pleased to learn their cows are pastured/grass-fed, to boot!

          1. re: michaelmas

            Thanks, good to know it is grass fed as I find it ridiculously expensive. In the US you could buy reg cottage cheese that just has milk ingredients for the same price as the cheap stuff here. all the best trainers advocate cottage cheese for health no one talks about the hidden hydrogenated fats

        3. You might like to try Mehadrin cottage cheese - tastes authentic. 4% is delicious!

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          1. re: naturelle

            Great idea, thanks, i just looked at their ingredients. I guess I have to buy it at a Kosher food store Where do you buy it


            1. re: Kayron

              You can purchase Mehadrin dairy products at the Kosher sections of supermarkets that have a kosher section. I have seen it at the Metro supermarket on Queen Mary and Trans Island (I think that's the cross street). Also at the IGA in Cote st-Luc shopping centre and at the IGA in Cavendish Mall which has a huge kosher section because it is in Cote st-luc. You can buy the 500 gram container for $4.99 or maybe it has gone up in price since I last bought it.

              1. re: yeggy

                thanks I will check at a kosher market near my house, I never go into large supermarkets anymore.

                1. re: yeggy

                  I finally checked out the Mehadrin, unfortunately all of their cottage cheese have the same lousy ingredients as the much cheaper Liberty and Sealtest. Thanks anyway, I guess there are no others that are just milk ingredients.

                  1. re: Kayron

                    It is quite easy to make cottage cheese at home - perhaps that would be your best bet?

                    1. re: unlaced

                      Thanks, have you done it, do you know how?

                        1. re: unlaced

                          Thank you I will try it but the simpler low fat version with just milk and buttermilk. now if I can find some raw milk or organic ingredients that would be even better. It is amazing to me that there are hydrogenated oils and other chemicals hidden in regular cottage cheese with is supposed to be healthy and good for dieting.

                          1. re: Kayron

                            you are absolutely correct. Mehedrin in the plastic containers has the same ingredients. Mehedrin in the wax paper brick (.1% mf, a bit dry but edible) has fewer ingredients and more natural but alot more expensive $6.79 for 500g. (if my memory serves me well) I guess it would be good for cooking or just spreading on toast. Good luck on making it at home.

                            1. re: yeggy


                              I actually went to a kosher store and saw every other variety but not the brick. I did see a brand called Western at my corner grocery store and yes somehow the dry version which is healthier is so much more expensive. I just want it as a low fat cheese source for my eggs as I don'
                              t like the taste of eggs alone

            2. I was in the Metro on Sherbrooke / Victoria yesterday. They had cottage cheese in the organic section that only had milk ingredients and bacterial cultures. Sadly, the name of the brand has escaped me, but definitely no gums or glycerides.

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              1. re: pyropaul99

                Thanks, any idea of price, the problem is not finding them, it is finding a decent price, normal cottage cheese is $2-3 and these seem to be around $7, big difference

                1. re: Kayron

                  I'll take a look later today and find out the brand as well.

                  1. re: pyropaul99

                    Finally went to Metro - the brand is called Olympic and it's $4.09 for 250g.


                    1. re: pyropaul99

                      Thanks, that was rather sweet of you to check. I like that brand for yogourt, I will have to check it out, it is still a bit expensive compared to the regular as that it the small container, but good to know, thanks


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