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Feb 14, 2012 07:55 AM

Skidmore/ Saratoga Springs Post Graduation Brunch

I'm looking for a place to hold a post-graduation lunch in Saratoga Springs for a group of about 10. The place needs to accept reservations. Great food is more of a priority than a fancy setting. Any suggestions?

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  1. Maestro's at the Van Dam (has a private room for up to 16) or Saratoga National. Both are on

    SO likes the brunch at Max London's.

    A thread (LONG) on Saratoga Springs restaurants:

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      Max London's serves brunch Friday, Saturday and Sunday 11-3. Not sure if they take reservations.

      SO doesn't care for Max London's dinner service. Inconsistent. To be fair, I've only been for dinner once.

    2. Consider Fifty South; they'll take reservations; lots of choices, good food, not fancy, but sufficiently festive. Congratulations to your graduate.

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        BTW, Roger K just posted a report on Fifty South (just outside S. Springs). It's at the end of this thread (LONG):

      2. Two o'clock at the earliest.

        1. I agree with the recommendations for brunch at Max London's and Maestro's, but not 50 South (not festive, downmarket).. I would add two other latelunch options for that Saturday: Hattie's and Sperry's, both great, but check to see if they're still serving brunch after two--they may because of the commencement that say.

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            Second Sperry's. I didn't know they were open for lunch?


            I have not been to Hattie's (had their fried chicken on Restaurant Row at the track). SO finds Hattie's inconsistent. That said, Hattie's is a local gem.

            1. re: financialdistrictresident

              Sperry's and Hattie's both have added Sat. & Sun. brunch.

          2. I would go with Maestro's. The food is consistently great and so is the service. I'm sure they will be open and if not, they would probably find a way to accomodate you anyways. I find Hatties is overated, and loud. it would be tight quarters for a big group. Good Luck and Congratulations!