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Feb 14, 2012 07:16 AM

Best moderate option in Bridgehampton?

Want to give a $100-150 gift card to someone as a thank you, they live and work in Bridgehampton on LI. I am not that familiar with the LI area and am looking for a recommendation for a nice but not over the top place (no North Fork, etc). Doesn't have to be IN Bridgehampton per se but don't want them to have to drive all over creation to enjoy a nice dinner out. Suggestions? I believe they are fairly sophisticated diners but not snooty at all. Thanks!!

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    1. I second World Pie. I also love Il cappuccino in Sag Harbor. It is not pretentious. Just very good southern italian food. Sag Harbor is about an 8 min. drive from downtown Bridgehampton.

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        Conca d'oro in Sag Harbor has always been good and reasonable. It's not fancy but the dining area in back is very nice.

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          Well if you're going to go north, Estia's Little Kitchen is great, and open for breakfast and lunch every day, and dinner on weekends right now.

          I like the suggestions of World Pie or Bobby Van's too. I'd be happy to go to either.

      2. if you want to do something special go online and look up
        Dish in watermill.They are only open on weekends for dinner
        you can get the menu sent to you online for that week.Im sure you would be able to purchase
        a gift certificate for your friend and a guest for under 150 it is a prix fixe byob place.Great food
        you cant go wrong there