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Feb 14, 2012 06:49 AM

Cornish Game Hen - need recipe help

Having a cookoff with a friend and my main ingredients are Game Hen and I am making a mole sauce for the hen. My issue is how should I bake the hen? Southwest or Mexican rub or should I just bake it with herbs and then pour the sauce around it?

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  1. it kinda depends on how you make the sauce, but I'm thinking a mexican rub with the sauce will work better.

    1. I like to spatchcock cornish game hen and cook in my smoker at about 250 for a few hours. If I have less time, it's always good on the grill with a bit of pecan, apple, or cherry smoke.

      I would use a rub/spices that go with the mole sauce, and then baste with a little of the mole sauce while cooking and then put in a pan on the grill/smoker/range with the mole sauce to finish off the cook.

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        Thank you! I do not have a smoker, so the hen is going in the oven. I am going to do the spice rub and make the Mole in a sauce pan and pour it around the hen.

      2. Cornish game hens are actually just chickens, so anything that works well with chicken should go well with the hen. I'd definitely prefer to roast it and then put the sauce around, as then you'd get the crispy skin.

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          Dinner last night was PERFECT. Ok, so I did a dry rub on the hen and stuffed a couple slices of Orange in the cavity to break the acidity and cooked it on top of sliced bell peppers and mushrooms. The Mole sauce was better than I ever had in a restaurant. made of:
          Chopped Onion, Chocolate, Cinnamon, 4 dried Ancho Chilies, water, salt, Tomato Sauce (pureed tomato) and simmered it for 35 minutes. Poured it around the bird. My date was so impressed.