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Sep 5, 2000 05:57 PM

dim sum in sacto

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any place that anyone recommends for dim sum in sacramento open on saturday am??

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  1. Haven't been in Sacramento in a while, but I remember a number of good Chinese restaurants in the "Chinatown" along Stockton Blvd. (roughly 5700 to 6000 block) and am pretty sure there was some good dim sum in there.

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    1. re: Chandavkl

      There is no china town in Sacramento.
      You must be thinking of the Vietnamese area on Stockton

    2. Upstairs at Canton on Broadway has FANTASTIC weekend dim sum. Enter the right hand side entrance by the fishtanks, climb stairs, there you go. It's GREAT and cheap. Have tried all the dim sum in Sacramento and think it's the best. Order from menu before 10.30 or 11; after that, they come around with trays.

      1. Try "Kings" in West Sacramento
        on West Capitol at Jefferson.
        Best from 11AM Saturday and Sunday.

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        1. re: Don Morgan

          At Kings, the dim sum carts do not start rolling until 11 am. Before then, you can order dim sum items, but they take a while to come.

        2. One of our favorite things to do on weekends is dim sum, There are several places which I would recommend. We have observed that dim sum restaurants tend to wax and wane. Don't know if the cooks move around or what happens. Anyway, here's today's list: Rice Bowl at 24th St. and Florin Rd......Big portions and don't miss the 'organ' table set up in the back of the main dining room. Happy Garden on Stockton Blvd.......consistent, free balloons for the kids, the largest non-hotel dining facility in Sacramento. New Canton on surprises, but well prepared food. Holiday Villa on S. Land Park Drive near Florin.....good variety including Fried Milk Dumplings, but you'll leave the place with your clothes smelling greasy.