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Feb 14, 2012 06:47 AM

Anywhere good for lunch off I-90 close to Worcester?

Meeting someone "in the middle" between Holoyoke and Cambridge. Any good spots to eat off I-90? Guessing around Worcester? Thanks.

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  1. I'd drive the extra 15 minutes to Sturbridge to go to BT's Smokehouse. No ambiance, of course...

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      second this. Get the beef brisket (or anything actually).

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        I like the "ambiance"! I recommend the brisket reuben. Just awesome.

      2. Shresbury St is off rt 290, some good spots are VIA, Mac's Diner,Flying Rhino.

        1. I love Corner Grille on Pleasant Street in Worcester. It's a cute little pizza place tucked into a neighborhood serving pies with superthin crust and just a little bit char at the edge. The hawaiian and the harvest (or whatever its called with butternut squash on it) are just awesome.

          I've actually only gotten take out from there as my friends lived around the corner for 6 years. It was a staple at a lot of their parties big and small. I actually have no reason to go to the Woo anymore and I really miss that pizza.

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            Lived in Worcester for 5 years and will honestly say they have great dining. Shrewsbury Street is right off the Pike and easy to access. 111 Chop House is a popular spot, although I haven't been there and years and am not sure whether it remains worthy of the type. I second VIA, but if you like Italian I would opt for Piccolo’s. Small place, but had a GREAT meal there once or twice. Red Lantern has respectable chinese and amazing scorpion bowls (lots of college memories there). I would also recommend the Sole Proprietor (seafood) and the Boynton (american, but big menu) on Highland Street. Easy to get to off the pike.

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              I agree on that awesome pizza! One of the best pies in MA IMHO. However, a very small shop with just a few tables. For a special "meet in the middle" kind of thing, it may not be what the OP had in mind (although they don't really say *what* they had in mind!). If liquor is an issue for the OP, I'm pretty sure they don't serve there, but there is a liquor store across the street and you can BYOB.