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Feb 14, 2012 06:21 AM

providence -- need italian restaurant near hilton

staying at hilton one nite, looking for good nearby example of providence italian food.

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  1. Walk out the front door, make a right, walk over the highway on Atwells Ave. and you're a couple of hundred feet from Federal Hill, the heart of Italo-American Providence, where there are many to choose from. The closest to the hotel will be Camille's and Mediterraneo on the left and Angelo's on the right, the first two a little more upscale than the latter, but all acceptable. Further along on the same side as Camille's you have Siena, which has a "younger" atmosphere and more of a bar scene, but is popular on this board. Pane e Vino also has its fans, at least in part for the impressive wine list; it's on the other side, and is more or less the end of the restaurant strip. More views can be found in this thread or by searching under "Federal Hill" or any of the resto names I listed.

    Wherever you eat, skip dessert and head to Pastiche on Spruce St (parallel to Atwells but one block north) for coffee and sweets.

    None of this needs a car or cab unless the weather is really foul.

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      wow, great response, thanks. do these places require reservations on a weeknite?