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Feb 14, 2012 06:18 AM

No oven

My oven just quit working. I doubt it will be fixed for tonight. I planned to make my man's favorite spincah dish as part of dinner tonight. This recipe is similiar to mine-

I was wondering if I should just put all the ingredients in a covered pan at the end. It won't have the same crispy top though. Or would it be better made in the slow cooker? any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. I'd do it in the microwave and then sprinkle something crunchy on top, like toast or cracker crumbs.

      1. Thank you for your suggestions! I don't own a dutch oven but, the microwave might work.

        1. Cook like a frittata with a covered fry pan over low heat, moving the pan around the flame to cook evenly. If you have a cast iron or aluminum grill plate, dispersing (diffuser) the heat more evenly is a nice trick as to not to burn what you are cooking.

          With regards to the not apply them while setting the spinach and egg.....instead, pan roast/toast them in a fry pan with butter or oil to toast them, much like making pan roasted croutons...this is the only way they will have any crunchy texture.