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Feb 14, 2012 05:59 AM

Da Emma or Nora Gray

Would like to have a nice meal with the hubby on the weekend. We have never been to Da Emma or Nora Gray. Anyone been to both? Any preferences?? I think food would be the most important consideration. Thanks for the help!

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  1. Been to both (once each). Very different atmosphere; Da Emma is much more quiet, more of a business dinner or 'romantic dinner' place, in the somewhat crypt-like basement of a historic building (I think it was a women's prison or something). I would say it's more of a hushed place catering to a generally older crowd. Food is good, fairly traditional but well done; service is what you've come to expect in expensive italian restaurants, ie. well-oiled and efficient and a touch obsequious. By contrast Nora Gray is (or was when I went, just after its opening) more of a young rich trendster place, quite noisy and busy, and had a bit of a 'hot resto of the month' vibe. The place is small, decor is modern. The food was quite good but also traditional, simple classic dishes done very well and served family style. I think both places could be a nice night out, but it depends on the kind of vibe you're looking for.

    1. Bumping this... similar question.

      Best Italian on the higher end for intimate evening with well-prepared, interesting, and seasonal dishes?

      Primo & Secondo
      Da Emma
      Osteria Venti
      Nora Gray
      Il Cortile
      Garde-Manger Italien

      On a 1-5 scale for:

      quality of ingredients, seasonally sourced, preparation, creativity, and lastly atmosphere.


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        Leaning towards Primo on all counts but haven't been in a couple of years and wondering if it's still up to standards?

        Too many mixed reviews on Nora Gray that I'm passing. Venti doesn't sound like anything special. I've preferred my experience at Graziella over DE but have only been to either once. The former's a bit too corporate/hotel feeling. Never been to G-M. Cortile's been hit and miss but mostly like it for ambiance when sitting in the courtyard. P&S has been hit and miss in the past too, but I appreciate the weekly changing menus. Also intimate dining space. Thoughts?