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Feb 14, 2012 05:54 AM

RJ Gourmet coffehouse

I went this morning. 2nd or 3rd day of business. Beautiful latte. Though most of my life has been in Boston and NYC, I spent 4 years in Seattle. I learned what the platonic ideal of a latte is out there. Just enough espresso, and quality fresh steamed milk. The milk should lend a natural sweetness to counter the acid and bitter in espresso. These guys nailed it. Clean space, limited drink menu, nice looking pastries. I live on the opposite side of Cambridge, so this can't be my daily spot. But leaving for work at 7:30 instead of 8 today was worth it. This is the kind of place that every neighborhood in Seattle and Portland has at least one of. I encourage everyone to check it out. Maybe every neighborhood here will have one soon enough if demand exists.

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  1. The platonic ideal of an espresso shouldn't really be bitter.

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      Astringent? Tannic? Maybe its just the acidity that balances well with the milk.

    2. Stopped off today as well, ordered the Mexican Mocha. Excellent Drink that is made with Espresso, Mexican Chocolate and Steamed Milk. I live right by Voltage so that will remain my regular, but RJ is another good option to have in the area.